The Epic Adventure Potions



The Epic Adventure Potions are a complete potion making set of recipes and ingredients bundled together into an organza bag. Blue and green potions are shiny and fun, while the matching cards are printed in a green with gold foil embossing. This potion comes as an add on in the large The Trickster Book Box.

The potion set includes

  • A tarot-sized card deck of 15 adventure themed cards with recipes, ingredient histories and mythological learnings
  • 4 beautiful curious potions in glass droppers
  • 3 dry ingredients in glass vials with corks
  • 4 teeny tiny mini-potion bottles to hold completed potions
  • Packed into organza bags for safe keeping

Potion List
  • Sleepy Solutions (Fall asleep in a new place)
  • See-Far-Serum (See further than your enemies)
  • Beast Tamer (For a peaceful passage)
  • Slow Motion Potion (Helpful in fast situations)
  • Wound Healer (On the road first aid)

Included Ingredients (with corresponding cards)

  • Rumpus Root - liquid
  • Golden Elixer - liquid
  • Basilisk Venom - liquid
  • Heal-All - liquid
  • Goblin Scabs- sprinkle
  • D'Druff - sprinkle
  • Jack's Beans - seed

Additional Cards

  • Animal Bones (Using bones in potions)
  • Griffins (The Myth)
  • Grace O'Malley (Historical Woman Pirate)
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