The Obsidian Potions are a complete potion making set of recipes and ingredients bundled together into an organza bag. This potion set standard in the The Obsidian Potion Kit.

The Obsidian Potion Kit is tailored towards matters of the mind and heart - potions for missing loved ones or preparing for a performance. Myths and herbs are based on traditional plant medicine and celestial themes.

The potion set includes

  • A tarot-sized card deck of 15 cards with recipes, ingredient histories and mythological learnings
  • 4 mysterious liquid potions in glass droppers
  • 3 dry ingredients in glass vials with corks
  • 4 teeny tiny mini-potion bottles to hold completed potions
  • Packed into organza bags for safe keeping
Potion List
  • Peak Performance Potion (Prepare for mastery)
  • Good Vibes (Send love to someone who needs it)
  • Thought-be-gone (Let go of an unwanted thought)
  • Hypnotic Transducer (A potion to enter hypnosis)
  • Protect against evil (Ward away evil hexes or spells)

Included Ingredients (with corresponding cards)

  • Dark Matter - liquid
  • Wolfbane - liquid
  • Pheonix Tears - liquid
  • False Belladona - liquid
  • Bone Dust - sprinkle
  • Seeds of Sorrow - sprinkle
  • Cosmos - sprinkle

Additional Cards

  • Crystals (Crystal energy 101)
  • Hecate (Mythological profile)
  • Ravens (Mythological profile)
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