2016 Holiday in review

We made it!

The 2016 holiday season was...crazy. So rewarding though, each time a package went out it felt like a little missive of magic was being sent out into the world. The studio was busy day and night, ribbons flying and the sounds of taping boxes, printing labels and stuffing filler.

We did two holiday markets. It was a first and it was an unbelievable experience. Seeing the kids interact with the potions and asking their very serious questions about magic. They were continually asking about buying single potions so that is something I'll look at for the coming year.


Now the notes are coming back - thank you to everyone who has sent one. Here are my favorites. They are sure to carry me straight through 2017. 


The potion kit arrived today and Abbey loves it! We just made the potion to draw gnomes into our flower bed!! The kit is as beautiful as I thought it would be. Thanks again for getting it to us!!” — MELISSA


Just wanted to let you know how much my daughter LOVED this kit! Was her favorite present! Thanks so much!” — AMANDA


I have to tell you, Lotus loves her potion kit! It has its own cupboard in the kitchen and she plays with it almost everyday! She loves that its glass...cause it means she is grown up! I received it just in time and Im so glad as it was the complete hit...blew all the store bought toys out of the water. Thank you!” — VICTORIA


I can’t tell you what fun this is! My mom was so excited to see the boxes and they are amazing! The boys have been making potions since they got in the car. Thank you so very much for your beautiful product. It is truly magical.” — JOELLE

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