Altars & Ancestors

Combining ritual and magic is a perfect practice during October and November.

This time of year coincides with celebrations from many different cultures and worldviews; Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, and All Saints Day. This is a season of deep magic, a time when spirits, especially those of our beloved ancestors, draw near and the veil between this world and the unseen ones thins.

Can we slow to the pace of the earth and listen? Do we stop to take handfuls of sand or clay in our fists and feel her? Or draw her flowery yellow face to us and smell her breath--to invite her in? As we move toward the inward places of listening to ourselves and the earth more deeply - what is she offering and asking of us now?

As we nurture our connection to this time of year, we can teach our children to slow, offer, feel, listen. Especially through simply being present with them. We can remind them of the magic they always hold within magical little hands to bring to fruition what they most dream of!


Connecting outside

Here is an activity to help grow your connection with both the natural world and with your little ones.

With their favorite potion in hand, head outside together and find a threshold. Places of transition are perfect candidates: where forest meets field, a downed tree in the forest, the entrance to the garden, the start of a trail head. Ask your child to use their intuition to find the perfect spot. Once you have found it take time to explore, settle and just be together.

After they have explored the chosen site, sit together and close your eyes. Have your child listen and “see” with their ears, their nose, their animal senses. What is it that is asking to be seen? What other creatures or spirits do they sense here?

We can show our gratitude for this place with a simple offering from their potion. 10 drops on a small leaf or stack of rocks completes the ritual at the threshold. Once home, draw what images arose in your child’s mind and put their drawing by their bedside at night or on their altar. Appreciate their creativity and ability to let their imagination wander. Show your own curiosity simply by asking questions.


Honoring ancestors at home

Inside your home you can also make a simple altar with your child. Gather a piece of fallen bark, a driftwood log, or some moss. Bring this home and adorn it with significant offerings for loved ones past. You can lean up photos of family and pets that have passed on, light incense or bundles (especially allspice, sage, & mint), and bake cakes or sweets these particular beings loved. Use fragrance and memory to draw your loved one(s) home again.

A drawing-near potion is potent here as well.

Drawing Potion For October 31

This potion is useful for drawing spirits to an alter. It is simple and flexible, substituting the types of oil and spices is fine. Get creative!

Into a ceramic vessel place:

1/2 Cup Jojoba Oil                                                                  
3 sprigs of evergreen needles
1 small handful flowers
1 pinch ground cinnamon

After the mixture is settled, set a small piece of quartz into the mixture. Use a wooden spoon to swirl the potion around the stone – 10 to the right, 10 to the left. Close your eyes and see your loved one.

Then place your potion on your altar till November 3rd.

Enjoy having their spirit close during this time of year!


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