Holiday Orders Update

A quick update on holiday orders!

Good news! We will be shipping book boxes on Thursday December 14th - Saturday the 16th with 1-3 day mail. 

A little background: Our incoming book box shipment was delayed at US customs for over a month and we were backordered for Potion Kit book boxes. We are doing the best we can to ship all of our remaining stock as fast as possible. We have closed international orders for now, unless you are ordering for sometime in January or beyond.

Feel free to contact us anytime and we can give you a status update or arrange for an alternative option if the new shipping timeline doesn't work for your plans.

Thank you for your understanding! We are excited to get everything in the mail and into those little hands!

Much Magic & Love,



  • Ronda May Kuhn

    It just arrived! I was in awe as soon as I opened the shipping box…decorative straw and flower petals. I gently removed the beautiful packing materials, so I could peek into the potion kit. Wow! Your attention to detail, and the obvious care put into it is incredible. I carefully put it back together just like it arrived, so my little Fairie granddaughter can have the same awe upon opening her gift. Thank you!

  • Jody

    The two Potion Kits I ordered arrived today and they are beautiful, magical and inspiring. Thank you for creating such a lovely product.

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