Holiday potion kits are here!

Holiday potion kits are here!

potion making kitWe are so over the top excited to introduce our new potion kits - we've added new elements, refined the potions and updated our selections based on a year of iteration. It's an amazing moment to see a year's worth of work come together and we are so proud of the new boxes. This year has been tunnel vision on getting this magic into the hands of our kids, and we simply CAN NOT wait for them to receive these for the holidays.

What is new? SO MUCH!

  • First, the potion decks are bigger and more detailed. They have gold foil printing and come nestled in an organza bag. Each deck comes with 15 cards including 4 potion recipes (the kids wanted more!), 7 ingredient information cards, a "how to" magical method card, a historical figure card and a myth based card. Every single card has been written with whimsy, accuracy and intention that align with our values.
  • More liquid potions in each kit - they are also large and more colorful.
  • We have switched our book boxes to all be the same handmade construction - they are solidly built with wood, leatherette paper and lined with rich velour. These alone are so beautiful!
  • Updated necklaces are made with a hand-dyed silk ribbon and connected with a wire wrap.
  • Each box comes with a unique stone.
  • More fizzing and reactions! Cards outline some fun experiments like overnight hydration and seed sprouting.
  • We now support international shipping.
  • USA shipping is now flat-rate based on pounds in increments of $5.99, $11.99 and $18.99 for the heaviest packages.

Shipping Timeline

We are hustle & bustle in the studio putting together these books and potion sets for December 1st shippingInventory and shipping order is on a first come, first serve and we have listed only what we have in stock. Last year we sold out of the most popular styles within a week so if you have your eye on something order it now. We can't wait to get it to you!

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