Ingredient Feature: Leprechaun Bait!

Leprechauns can be the worst!

Once one moves into your neighborhood all sorts of things start going wrong the chickens are let out of the coop, trash cans are turned over, milk is stolen from the ridge, money goes can be very inconvenient.

However, if you can find some Leprechaun Bait then you may just be able to save the neighborhood by trapping the nasty fellows. We will leave it up to you to figure out the trapping portion, but approach the project like you would catching a chicken and all should work out. 

Extra Leprechaun Bait is helpful in potion making when you need to draw something in, or attract something toward the user of the potion. A few drops make anything more attractive. 

Leprechaun Bait comes with any Trickster Potion kit!


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