Potion Recipe Highlight: Lost & Found

This is a highly requested recipe - by adults and kids alike. Featured in the Alchemist Potions. 60% of the time, it works every time! 

Lost & Found
A potion to find what is lost

This is a really helpful potion for when you lose or misplace something. It even works when you lose your mind, your love or your sense of humor. Adults especially find this potion to be helpful so be sure to share!

Start with a piece of paper. Draw on it the object you are looking for. Place the paper into an envelope and seal.

In a mortar, mix:
5 drops Witch's Balm
5 drops Ember Glow
5 smidgens of Albedo
The juice of a lemon or lime

Use a dropper to drip this potion onto the outside of the envelope. Hand the envelope to another person and ask them to open it and tell you where the thing is located. They will be able to tell you without fail.

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