Small Business Saturday!

I have mixed feelings about Black Friday and Cyber Monday - as a small business and startup we simply can't compete with the Amazon's and JCrews. However, small Business Saturday is something we can definitely get behind; supporting your local stores and online companies that are trying to do it differently is a step in the right direction!

One thing we are getting our minds around is that the "toy" industry is saturated with the same large conglomerate companies making plastic, disposable and substance-free toys that are predictable year after year. We are running as far and as fast as we can away from that mentality. Each detail is important and infused with intention and we believe we are sending good out into the world with every package.

So to say Thank You! for believing in our mission and the power of magic, we will be honoring 10% off every order placed on Small Business Saturday. 

Thank you for supporting your local dreamers!

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