Potion Ingredient Highlight: Rumpus Root

Potion Ingredient Highlight: Rumpus Root

Let the wild rumpus begin!

This brownish, tea-stained root is suspended in a mysterious, gelatinous solution. It smells spicy on the nose, but familiar, like Christmas? Or is it the smell of boy's socks? Depends on the person doing the smelling, I suppose.

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Greeting Garden Gnomes Potion

Greeting Garden Gnomes Potion

A sweet potion to welcome garden gnomes into the yard, balcony, or patio. Best when used in Spring.

Greeting Garden Gnomes

Pick one each of three different kinds of wildflower or weed. (Gnomes especially like dandelions.)

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Potion Feature: Nix Nightmares

Potion Feature: Nix Nightmares

This is one of our most requested potions - either parent's asking if we can include it just in case, or a special request from a child to help with their slumber-state. It's included in the Pixie book boxes and refill sets.

The ingredients are important. But, more importantly, the ritual is what really makes this potion shine. Teaching children to practice thoughtful, intentional routines is a skill they can use forever.


A potion to scare away nightmares
Combine in a mortar and smash:
2 drops Sirop of Stars
1 drop Blue Moonlight
1 pinch Fizzle-Sizzle
1 sprinkle Tatiana’s Thistledown
Stir all ingredients into a glass of cold water and then place the glass in the freezer for five minutes. (Do not let the potion freeze or you’ll ruin it! Be careful not to spill when taking the potion in and out of the freezer.)
While the potion is chilling, find a clean washcloth and a safety pin. Remove glass from freezer and dip the safety pin into the potion.
Stir the potion with the pin 3 times to the right, then 3 times to the left. Remove the pin and then pour out the potion into a clean sink.
Wash the sink.
Pin the safety pin onto the washcloth and place the washcloth beneath a pillow to stop nightmares.
Sleep well!
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