The Book Box Saga

When I left my "grown-up" job in September to pursue this new magical venture I knew I was in for a roller-coaster ride. I've read the stories of start-ups, talked with other business owners, heard the tales of ups and downs. In the back of my mind I knew that something and some point was sure to happen that would challenge us to be the best version of ourselves and rise to the occasion - I just didn't know when it would happen.

And happen it has!

One of the best parts of what we are making are our hidden book boxes. One of my pet peeves about toy "sets" is the scattering of pieces around the house - the fact that kids can put away their potions and keep them safe for playing with later is such a nice change.

I've seen kids grow their potion making supplies by collecting from the garden or finding treasures; and they all go into the book box. In coming year

So in early August we committed to the largest purchase and commitment of this whole venture: a large shipment of book boxes made just for us and arriving by sea in late October or early November. It was scary and exciting - it meant this was really happening!

We made plans, finished designed the kits and wrote potion recipes. Printed the cards. Collected ingredients and warmed up the cauldron. Became professional "finders" looking for interesting bits to add to the kits. Quit our jobs. And we waited.

October came and the ship was finally on its way. It arrived at port in L.A. in November and then the confusing developments began. First, it took a week to get off the ship. Then a week in customs. Then radio-silence while our shipment was moved to "intensive customs". Another week...

It's early December and the boxes were FINALLY been released from customs after nearly a month in limbo. We tracked every movement while they are shuffled from warehouse to warehouse until they were released to us.

My husband and father (thanks Dad!) waited with a truck in L.A. to overnight the books up to Seattle on Tuesday. We will have some sleepless night making kits to get them in the mail as fast as possible. There is an entire team of neighbors and friends chipping in to make this happen - I couldn't be more overwhelmed and grateful for everyone's support.

During these long days and anxious nights I go and re-read your encouraging notes and pictures of kids loving their magical adventures. I know it will all work out and be OK - we are doing good, heart-filled work and that can't ever be wrong.

Thanks for riding along and we will keep you posted!

Much Magic,


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  • Theresa

    I am living my dream because I believe they are thought, seeded, gathered and birthed. I love your story of the whole family together in magic making. There are many stories I read of start up’s that create an abundance and plenty, and I wish this for your wonderful imaginings. I really am so happy for you! Keep it alive!

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