The Golden Crystal Contest

Every Potion Kit Book Box comes with a few stones or crystals - we have over 30 unique types - each and every box is different.

Select Potion Kits will come with a special stone that is a "ticket" for a free potion refill.

If you child finds one in their box send us an email or tag us on Instagram with a picture of their stone and we will send them 3 full refill sets (free shipping) of their choosing.

The "golden ticket" Stones

The Pixie Potion Kit 
Amethyst Cluster

The Obsidian Potion Kit
Obsidian Arrowhead

The Trickster Potion Kit
4'' Quartz Crystal

Good Luck!



  • Antoinette

    This is one of the most exciting gifts I have found for my children!!! I LOVE this concept and company and can’t wait to see when the kits come!!! Thank you for having such beautiful vision and creativity ❤️

  • Amy Ripley

    This is so cool!! I just ordered.

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