Potion Kit is now Moon & Moth Magic Co.!

Potion Kit is now Moon & Moth Magic Co.!

Welcome to Moon & Moth Magic Co.!

Two years ago we started a fun heartfelt project called Potion Kit. We bottled and labeled, collected far and wide and learned everything we could about creating magic for kids. And now it's time to grow.

So we've started Moon & Moth to widen our selection of potions and recipes, bring in more books and curiosities and move towards our values of bringing magical experiences to kids. Potion kits are still our signature, but we behind the scenes working on so much more.

We have transferred the website and store to our new name, updated our social media and will bringing in more products over the course of October and November.

Named after our daughters Luna & Io, this newest baby is sure to bring delight, surprises and much, much magic. We hope you love it too!

Cheers to Moon & Moth!



Rachel Shepard

I gave these kits to both my daughters for Christmas. These were by far the best gifts ever!

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