The Obsidian Potion Kit


Some practitioners of magic are drawn to subjects of a thoughtful nature. The Obsidian Potion Kit is tailored towards matters of the mind and heart - potions for missing loved ones or preparing for a performance. Myths and herbs are based on traditional plant medicine and celestial themes. This is a great kit for an older potion maker - ages 10+.

Two different style boxes are made from leatherette, wood and velour. "The Mandala" box is embossed with golden scrolling while "The Portal" is adorned with silver moons. They are filled with ingredients like "Cosmos" and "False Belladonna", that when prepared as instructed make potions for "Good Vibes" or "Thought-be-gone". The deck of cards comes in shades of grey with gold foil embossing and a silver organza bag.

The Obsidian Potion Kit comes in two sizes. Both sizes includes The Obsidian Potions.

  • A card deck of 15 cards with recipes, ingredient histories and mythological learnings
  • 4 celestial liquid potions in glass droppers
  • 3 unusual dry ingredients in glass vials with corks
  • 4 teeny tiny mini-potion bottles to hold completed potions

Beginner's Book Box - $32
Around the size of a regular book (9 x 6 x 2 in.), it comes with The Obsidian Potions and:

  • 1-2 curiosities like a polished stone or lost key
  • Enchanted crystal spoon
  • For a total of 25 components including cards

Practitioner's Book Box - $58
Around the size of a large book. It comes with The Obsidian Potions and a set of potion making tools:

    • Ceramic Mortar & Pestle
    • Large glass potion bottle with a cork
    • Extra empty dropper and vial
    • Potion bottle necklace on a black silk ribbon
    • Enchanted crystal spoon
    • 2-4 curios like feathers, crystals and found treasures
    • Extra set of tiny potion bottles (for a total of 8)
    • Book is sized at 11 x 8 x 2.75 inches
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