Potion kits are ages 5+

Small parts, spills and motor skills make potion kits unsuitable for children under 5. We suggest providing a tray or workspace to help contain the joyful mess of a potion-maker.

Refills will be needed - the younger the child, the faster they tend to go through ingredients. We provide refill sets and also have ideas you can use to create your own. Open up the pantry and you'll find tons of fun ideas!

Potion and ingredient cards are written at a 3rd - 5th grade reading level, younger children will need help reading their cards. Recipes have been created with accurate herbal and mythological references - what a fun way to start exploring plant medicine and myths! 


Potions are made with ingredients found in any pantry. Any other elements, like shimmer, are from non-toxic art supplies. Potions may contain: turmeric, cinnamon, mugwort, calendula petals, cardamon pods, ginger root, rock salt, beet root powder, baking yeast, mica flake (a mineral), psyllium husks, coriander seed, dill, lavender, cloves, flaxseed, beeswax, poppy seeds, beans, baking soda, dilute citric acid (natural preservative), non-toxic watercolor paint, dilute essential oils and distilled water.

Have fun guessing what is what!

Eating potions & safety

Other than the tail they will surely grow, nothing will happen. All ingredients are safe to eat. Disgusting, but totally safe. Potion cards come with instructions on how to use potions that do not include eating - these are anything from placing a dab on the wrist to dripping the potion over a charm. 


All the tools and supplies are sourced from the highest-quality resources possible within the USA. Everything is made from tempered glass, ceramic, enamel and wood. That said, there are glass components that can be broken.



Potion Kit Book Boxes are shipped stuffed with recycled shredded paper to protect the vials and ingredients. After that, we tie in place a kid-friendly ribbon and label. 

Since we are a small business, we ship twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you have a rush order, please let us know in the comments on your order and we do our best to accommodate! Due to the complexities of customs and importing we are no longer able to offer international shipping.

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