The Shepards

Rachel Shepard, CPM (Chief Potions Master)

I've been described as a curious soul - with a deep love for mycology, homesteading, weightlifting, photography, doula-ing, flower farming, and, of course, making magical things. Having a home-based business is part of my lifelong "small life, big ideas" dream, knitting together my spectrum of interests to create a life centered around our family and slow living.


Britton Shepard, Farm Boy & Ingredient Finder

As a Landscape Architect and self-professed Firewood Sommelier, Britton brings his talents for place-making and ingredient collecting to PotionKit. He stokes the woodstove to heat our little farmhouse late into the night and spends his time designing landscapes and collecting books with his children.
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Io Shepard, Potion Muse


Io, (9) lives up to her namesake as a fiery little soul. The first recipient of a PotionKit, she is the quality control for all ingredients, recipes and tools. She makes a delightful "Creature Control" potion to help manage her flock of chickens, and little cat Comet and rescue dog Aspen.


Leif Shepard, Potion Tester

If you need to know the name of a plant or mineral, Leif (12) is a good friend to have. He loves nature photography and shelter building at his school. He vets the steps in our potions to make sure no details are missed.


The Homestead

We live in a historic farmhouse in Fall City, Washington. A tiny town along the Snoqualmie River, it's a whole different world just 30 minutes outside of Seattle. Our house is small and garden big, which is just the way we love it. The old barn has been converted into our studios and we have just enough room for chickens, fruit trees and all veggies we can eat.  Read more about our garden.