What is a Potion Kit?

potion making

Kids love to mix their own potions.

We've taken this simple idea and made it more magical - by bringing together authentic tools, household ingredients and clear instructions on how to mix up potions.

So how does it "work"?

A deck of 15 unique cards comes with each set of potion ingredients (Rumpus Root for example). All potion sets are themed around the core idea that we are all drawn to certain branches of magic making. Our potions are rooted in age-appropriate traditional folkways, magical history (yes, the Philosopher's Stone is a real thing!), and emotional intelligence (like how to manage a thought that won't go away).

Using their potion recipes card and included ingredients, as well as some simple household items like salt or honey, the recipe or spell is mixed up. The mortar & pestle, spoons and bottles that are included in the Potion Kit Book Boxes are all utilized, although the Potion Sets can also be used with kitchen tools.

Most potions take several simple steps to complete, a wonderful exercise in following multi-step directions. Adult supervision is not usually required to complete a potion (and in our opinion, that makes the perfect toy).

Then what?

Potions are used in non-consumable ways. For example, it maybe worn on the potion necklace or left under a pillow. All require imagination and intention, which captures the spirit of keeping magic alive in our children. They do attest that they can run faster and sleep better after using their potion.

We have found that kids, once they have used their kit ingredients, quickly venture out into the yard and cupboards to come up with their own potions. This is the most exciting part of the whole idea - that children use the potion kit as the starting point for more imaginative and magical thinking.



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