The Epic Adventure Potions are a complete potion making set of recipes, ingredients and cards bundled together into an organza bag. Potions and recipes are themed around adventure - dragon battles, helpful potions for healing wounds and walking in slow motion. Everything that Frodo could have used in his epic adventure!

Blue and green potions are shiny and fun, while the matching cards are printed in a green with gold foil embossing.

This potion comes as an add on in the large The Trickster Book Box.

The potion set includes:

  • A tarot-sized card deck of 15 adventure themed cards with recipes, ingredient histories and mythological learnings
  • 4 beautiful curious potions in glass droppers
  • 3 dry ingredients in glass vials with corks
  • 4 teeny tiny mini-potion bottles to hold completed potions
  • Packed into organza bags for safe keeping
Potion List
  • Sleepy Solutions (Fall asleep in a new place)
  • See-Far-Serum (See further than your enemies)
  • Beast Tamer (For a peaceful passage)
  • Slow Motion Potion (Helpful in fast situations)
  • Wound Healer (On-the-road first aid)

Included Ingredients (with corresponding cards)

  • Rumpus Root - liquid
  • Golden Elixer - liquid
  • Basilisk Venom - liquid
  • Heal-All - liquid
  • Goblin Scabs- sprinkle
  • D'Druff - sprinkle
  • Jack's Beans - seed

Additional Cards

  • Animal Bones (Using bones in potions)
  • Griffins (The Myth)
  • Grace O'Malley (Inspirational Female Pirate)
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