The Trickster Potion Kit
Trickster Magic Potions
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The Trickster Potion Kit
The Trickster Potion Kit
The Trickster Potion Kit
The Trickster Potion Kit

The Trickster Potion Kit

Regular price $32.00

The Trickster-Hero is a classic mythological archetype across all cultures. Made with this mischief maker in mind, this adventure seeking potion kit is full of ideas for "Monster Repellent" or "Pain-free Shots". Ingredients like "Beetle Eggs" and "Leprechaun Bait" come in shades of orange and green. Our secret-compartment book box has an adventure-themed cover with a pirate ship and velour lined interior.

The Trickster Potion Kit comes in two sizes with ever increasing amounts of treasures. Each kit includes The Trickster Potions:

  • A card deck of 15 trickster potion themed cards with recipes, ingredient histories and mythological learnings
  • 4 icky liquid potions in glass droppers
  • 3 unusual dry ingredients in glass vials with corks
  • 4 teeny tiny mini-potion bottles to hold completed potions

Beginner's Book Box - $32
Around the size of a regular book (9 x 6 x 2 in). Includes The Trickster Potions and:

  • 1-2 curiosities like a polished stone or lost key
  • 4 tiny wishing potion bottles
  • Enchanted crystal spoon

Practitioner's Book Box - $58
About the size of a large book and includes  The Trickster Potions and a set of potion making tools:

  • Ceramic Mortar & Pestle
  • Large glass potion bottle with a cork
  • Extra empty dropper and vial
  • Potion bottle necklace on a silk ribbon
  • Enchanted crystal spoon
  • 2-4 curious like feathers, crystals and found treasures
  • Extra set of tiny potion bottles (for a total of 8)
  • Book is sized at 11 x 8 x 2.75 inches

    A deck of 15 unique cards comes with each set of potion ingredients. Potions and spells are rooted in age-appropriate traditional folkways, magical history (yes, the Philosopher's Stone is a real thing!) and growing emotional intelligence (like how to manage a thought that won't go away).

    Using their potion recipes and included ingredients and tools, as well as some simple household items like salt or honey, the recipe or spell is made.

    Most potions take several simple steps to complete, a wonderful exercise in following multi-step directions. Adult supervision is not usually required to complete a potion (and in our opinion, that makes the perfect toy).

    Then what?

    Potions are used in non-consumable ways. For example, it maybe droppered into the potion necklace or put on a piece of paper and left under a pillow. All require imagination and intention, which captures the spirit of keeping magic alive through childhood! Kids really can run faster and sleep better after using their potion.

    We have found that kids, once they have used their kit ingredients, quickly venture out into the yard and cupboards to come up with their own potions. This is the most exciting part! Kids use the potion kit as the starting point for even more imaginative and magical thinking.



    Ages 5+

    Small parts, glassware, spills and fine motor skills make potion kits unsuitable for children under five. 

    Potion and ingredient cards are written at a 3rd - 5th grade reading level, younger children will need help reading their cards. Recipes have been created with accurate herbal and mythological references - what a fun way to start exploring plant medicine and myths!